Pattonville High School is a place of learning and helps students reach their full potential. The 47 new inductees of the National Honors Society (NHS) certainly know this.

To be a part of the society, students must have a minimum of a 3.5 GPA every year in high school, and also show character traits in leadership, service, and character.

Inductees were taken out of their first hour class by the 37 current members of NHS to go through the initiation process. The official NHS induction ceremony will be on Sept. 19.

“We were all forced out of our first hour class, then they made us all kneel down in the hallway, take an oath that I’m pretty sure they made up on the spot, spun us around 15 times, and then forced us to run down the hallway from the F-wing to the H-wing,” Aaron Garner said. “During which I hit my arm on the locker, so thank you for inducting me and hurting me.”

For most students, NHS is a very big deal and something that they’ve been working toward during their high school career.

“Since touring PHS in 8th grade, I’ve really wanted to join because of how cool it sounded,” Garner said. “I also really wanted to join because I would be a third generation member of NHS. My grandma, my mother, and now me, have been inducted so it really means a lot to me and my family. It’s almost like a right of passage.“


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