Nadia Maddex presents at the Pattonville Board of Education meeting about the Yellow Boat Project.

Pattonville United and the Board Student Administrative Action Committee (BSAAC) held a joint district-wide fundraiser to raise money for the Yellow Boat Project.

In America, yellow school buses are used for student transportation to school, but in the Philippines, students use yellow boats to get to and from school. The Yellow Boat of Hope foundation helps struggling children get an education. This helps to ensure that no child is left behind and hopefully that they get the opportunity to make a change and give back in the way that the foundation has given to them.

Pattonville United sent a message to each school in the district challenging its students and staff to raise enough money to buy a boat, which is $212.00.

After the fundraiser window ended, students and staff raised the following amounts of money at each school:

  • Remington Traditional School: $95.81
  • Anonymous Donor:$212.00
  • Willowbrook Elementary: $215.52
  • Rose Acres Elementary: $330.00
  • Holman Middle School: $548.10
  • Pattonville High School:$627.84
  • Pattonville Heights Middle School: $681.00
  • Parkwood Elementary: $1,241.00
    • TOTAL = $3,951.27

With $3,951.27 raised, the organizations are able to send the money to the Yellow Boat Project and purchase a total of 18 boats.

At the School Board meeting on April 11, junior Nadia Maddex, a member of both Pattonville United and BSAAC , presented the project and the data to the board.

“It was really nice to be able to brag about how great my school district is,” Maddex said. “We raised a lot of money to benefit others and I am so proud of the turnout.”

At the meeting, Maddex realized a mistake that was made. They presented every school in the district with a donation box, but forgot about the Learning Center, so at the meeting, Maddex challenged the Learning Center to raise enough money to buy a boat and gave them a donation box to place by the entrance.

“Pattonville High School is an amazing place to learn and grow as a student,” she said. “My favorite part about the fundraiser was being able to possibly give children in the Philippines the opportunity to do great things like I have done at Pattonville.”

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