Sarah Hirschbeck (far right) with her teammates at the America’s Got Talent audition.

For 90 seconds, junior Sarah Hirschbeck and her twirling teammates from Kelly’s Kuties tried out for one of America’s top performance shows: America’s Got Talent. This show features different talents from singing to dancing to baton twirling.

“Another coach from Illinois called my coach (Emily) and she said that America’s Got Talent wanted baton twirlers. And my coach was like why not?” Hirschbeck said.

This experience was full of emotions for Hirschbeck and her teammates.

“It was really stressful. We got there at 2 p.m. and when we got inside, we had to wait for about five hours until we got to audition. But the most stressful part was we didn’t really have room to practice and so we had to practice in the waiting room.”

Hirschbeck said she was a little nervous when auditioning because the floor wasn’t the best but her team ended up not dropping a baton.

“When we got into the room, the ceiling wasn’t that high so we had to work around that.”

The experience for Hirschbeck was not just full of nerves and stress, but also fun.

“While we were waiting, there were different people singing and dancing, and at one point, there was a finalist that played and everyone in the room was singing to the song she was playing.”

Hirschbeck said they would not know if they made the show until around April.

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