img_0771Renaissance students have spent the past few days rolling and sorting through this year’s Scholar Athlete shirts.

Renaissance sponsor Beth Moritz ordered 350 shirts about a month ago and they came in early last week. Since then, Moritz has been recruiting students during their Ac Labs to go to the English Writing Center to help fold the shirts.

Senior Liza Gusleva spent her 6th hour finishing up folding and sorting through the rest of the shirts.

“This is my third year helping out. This is the fastest I remember ever getting them sorted,” Gusleva said.

Now they are ready for distribution.

“All that’s left to do now is print the labels for each of the shirts so that we can pass them out sometime next week,” Moritz said.

In order to receive one of these shirts, students must be a varsity athlete and have a 3.0 after the second grading period. Even though 350 shirts were ordered, the number of students who have achieved this honor is not exactly known at this time. The remaining shirts will be passed out to teachers after the students have received their shirts.

A group of Renaissance students and teachers designed the shirt around 10 years ago, but athletes don’t have to worry about getting the same exact shirt every year though.

“We use four colors so no student will ever get the same shirt in the same color,” Moritz said. “We use our school colors of grey, green, black, and white.”

Moritz said distribution of the T-shirts will be soon.

“Students should stay tuned for the shirts to be passed out sometime next week.”

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