To honor veterans, Rho Kappa and Student Council led the 12th annual Veteran’s Day Breakfast, held at Pattonville High School. Rho Kappa is the Social Studies Honors Society sponsored by Mr. Ben Schamber, and it’s the third year that both Rho Kappa and STUCO have participated in the event.

“It’s a small way to repay what the veteran give to us and to show our appreciation,” Schamber said. “You learn that we take for granted everything that we have. There are veterans here who gave up a lot to serve our country and even thousands of people who have never came back. That’s important to remember, too.”

The breakfast consisted of food served by the students followed by a ceremony and a student-made video to honors the veterans.

“Breakfast was great,” Schamber said. “We have a welcoming tunnel for the veterans and the orchestra was playing while everyone was eating. There was a presentation today with the Missing Man Ceremony and Flag Folding Ceremony. It was a really neat thing to see.”

Not only does Rho Kappa provide breakfast for veterans, the Honors Society helps the community by collecting canned food.

“We set up food drives for the USO at the airport and took a field trip to the Winston Churchill Museum and Memorial in Fulton.”

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