Students packed their bags and headed to school. Then got on a bus and were dropped off in the woods.

This wasn’t a start to some horror movie. Instead, it was the beginning of a 2-day camping trip taken by students in Mr. Rob Simpson’s Outdoor Adventures class.

About 30 students rode a bus to Hawn State Park Camping Grounds and spend the night outside.

Senior Melissa Santana said what they learned in class was put into use when they were there.

“My favorite moment was probably when we built a bonfire and cooked hot dogs and made some s’mores,” Santana said. “We actually made mac and cheese too. It was really fun to just chill around the fire and talk and listen to old music and enjoy each others’ company.”

Students like senior Demetries Lewis learned to build fires, walked on hiking trails, learned different camping and survival skills, and observed things in nature.

“While we walked along the trails, we saw different creeks and types of plant life, and for me, it was different being out in the wilderness and taking in the nature,” he said. “Surprisingly it made me go into some deep thought, which I do not usually do.”

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