Last week, Student Council sold carnations for $1 at all lunches to be delivered on Valentine’s Day. This morning, members met in B104 to organize the cards and match them to the color of flower that was supposed to be given.

“We got to B104 at 6:45 a.m. to organize the flowers to be passed out to 1st hour teachers,” Student Council member Michelle Cummings said.

Students had the option to pick one of three colors from a card that was also sent to the person of their choice.

A red flower means love, a pink flower means thinking of you and a white flower means friendship.

Tessa Stahlhut got a red flower.

“I got a flower from my best friend Megan,” Stahlhut said. “I was very surprised because I have never gotten a carnation before.”

Cummings said there was a student who received multiple flowers.

“There was one guy who sent his girlfriend 10 flowers on one card.”

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