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The 2016-2017 Course Description guide has been added to all student laptops. It is available on the desktop.

Second semester just began, but underclassmen will need to think about next year’s schedule beginning Feb. 2. Course Description books have been added to every laptop and are also available online.

Students will begin to register for classes next year during Stop Day on Feb. 2 and then will consult with counselors about requirements for those courses.

Lauren Williams and Keondiss Smith asked 16 people what classes they have enjoyed at Pattonville High School and would recommend for students to take in the future.

Kyle Brand: “Orchestra. I love that class. I get to play my bass and I love orchestra. I like Mr. Dunsmoor’s teaching.”

Jacob Reese: “Modern U.S. History. Because I think it’s interesting to know what happened before my time.”

Kenneth McKnight: “The iLearn Institute. It teaches you how to speak to people. It teaches about technology. It’s also a welcoming environment.”

Nathalie Solorio: “ AP Psych. I find it interesting and I love the way Mr. Schwendemann teaches.”

Yasmin Jackson: “Chemistry because it’s interactive. We do different labs and do things other than boring worksheets.”

Kortney Fauntleroy: “Choir because that’s the class I can just do me and have self-expression.”

Chloe Neal: “College Credit Spanish 3 because it’s my easiest class. We play cultural games and don’t typically learn out of the book.”

Taityanna Beard: “My favorite class is Chemistry because my teacher is fun and makes sure the lessons aren’t boring. I also enjoy doing labs on my long days because we do many exciting experiments.”

Nile Trice: “Orchestra, because it’s a class that everyone can take and we are all just one great big family.”

Celeste Potter: “Gifted Honors English 3 because it’s the easiest class.”

Samantha Smith: “Honors English. I just love being able to read and write.”

Breanna Merritt: “Theatre because I just love practical arts and losing my anxiety.”

Jordan Bolton: “Debate. I think it gave a unique outlook on public speaking and school in general.”

Griffin Stockel: “AP Euro because Ms. Cole was a great teacher. Plus, I think European history is cool.”

Mikaella Rectin: “My favorite class would be German 1, 2, 3 and 4, because the class isn’t about learning a language, but being indulged in their culture and how it relates to American culture.”

Ariona Booker: “My favorite class is Oral Comm because Mr. Lopinot lets us express ourselves through our speech. He doesn’t restrict our vocabulary. And I get to talk without getting in trouble.”

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