photo courtesy Megan Volz

Photo courtesy Megan Volz

Student Council members from Pattonville High School, in partnership with student council members from Hazelwood West and Parkway North, sponsored an event at Pattonville for students enrolled in the Special School District on Friday, Feb. 3.

The event, which rotates from school-to-school, is called “Night to Shine” and it was Pattonville’s turn to host event. It was held from 5:30 to 8:00 p.m. and included many different activities.

Students were able to participate in games, arts and crafts, a selfie station, and join in on a dance.

Student Council members Arthur Simer Jr. (10) and Megan Volz (12) attended the event as volunteers.

“The multipurpose room had games, the Commons had arts and crafts, the cafeteria was where the dance was held, and the StuCo Store was the selfie station,” Simer Jr. said.

A lot of preparation goes into hosting the event and offers a chance to work with other schools often considered a rival.

“The theme was Candy Land, and it brought Pattonville, Parkway North, and Hazelwood West together for a fun night,” Volz said. “Hazelwood was in charge of games, and Parkway North was in charge of crafts.”

Mackenzie Baniak (12), a Pattonville student in the Special School District, attended “Night to Shine” and had a whole lot of fun.

“I danced and hung out with some friends,” Baniak said.

She said she was excited to hangout with other kids from the Special School District.

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