Many seats in classrooms on Monday were empty because seniors skipped school.

Many senior students were absent on Monday, Oct. 12, not because they were sick, but because it was a Senior Skip Day.

The seniors organized their “Senior Skip Day” on a Monday to take advantage of a possible 4-day weekend. All high school students had no school on Friday because of Parent/Teacher Conference being held on Wednesday and Thursday night.

The Class of 2016 planned to go to SkyZone for their skip day.

“We had a lot of fun at SkyZone,” senior Bailey Baker said. “We jumped for an hour and the boys got kicked out of dodgeball because they hit a little kid in the face with a ball. After SkyZone, we went to Panda Express for lunch.”

Not all seniors do the planned activities on senior skip days.

“I just took the time to relax and get my nails done,” senior Laci Loeb said. “I also got lunch with a few other seniors.”

The Senior Skip Day is not a school-approved activity.

Head principal Dr. Joe Dobrinic said he did not know of the plan for seniors to skip school but there is not a lot he can do to discipline students.

“Most students had their parents call in for them, so there’s not really a lot I can do about that,” Dobrinic said. “Otherwise, they take an unexcused absence and if we were able to find out that they were truant, they could be punished or disciplined per the behavior guide, so it’s possible they could face consequences.”

The school does have an “official” Senior Skip Day which Dobrinic said is the Senior Field Day and is held toward the end of the year. It features games, a BBQ and, in 2015, yearbooks were distributed early to the seniors that ordered one.

“It’s frustrating when they actually skip school because we do have a senior activity day for them in the spring.”

Not all seniors participated and skipped school.

“I have too many important classes to skip school,” senior Jerica Robinson said. “I chose to go to school for the entire day. I don’t have time for that.”

Other students have responsibilities that required them to be in school.

“I went to school for half of the day because if you aren’t at school for at least a half of a day, you can’t play in a sports game and I had a soccer game that day,” senior Micah Evans said. “When I left school I met up with the other seniors for SkyZone and Panda Express.”

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