Senior Micah Thompkins is introduced by principal Dr. Joe Dobrinic at a high school faculty meeting. Thompkins was being recognized for receiving the Questbridge College Match scholarship.

Last semester, senior Micah Thompkins learned that he received a full-ride scholarship to Northwestern University through the Questbridge College Match program. The scholarship will cover the $51,000 tuition for every year he is there.

Thompkins said his reasoning for accepting the scholarship was the many opportunities and benefits at Northwestern.

“I really like their academic system – they’re on quarters, not semesters, which makes it easier to take more fun classes,” Thompkins said. “They’re a Big 10 school, and I really like watching college basketball.”

Along with the benefits, the location and atmosphere are also pluses for Thompkins.

“They’re really close to Chicago and located on Lake Michigan,” Thompkins said. “I also like the atmosphere created from combining that many highly intelligent people.”

As of now. his number one degree path is Mechanical Engineering and Physical Therapy.

“The plan for my major is to start in Mechanical Engineering and then go to their graduate school for a dual-doctorate in Mechanical Engineering and Physical Therapy in order to make and implement therapeutic tools,” Thompkins said.

Despite these plans, he also realizes things can change.

“I am fully cognizant of the fact that my plan can and probably will change at some point.”

Because he knows that his plans can also become different than what he expected, he doesn’t have very many ironclad goals, but instead a number of broad things he would like to accomplish.

“Whatever I end up doing, I want to be able to help people in some capacity. Between this scholarship and all the aid my family has gotten for my brother, I feel the need to reciprocate that help back into society,” Thompkins said. “I want to have a family, and most of all, just be happy.”

His family is extremely important to him and his goals, but he is still excited for the opportunity to experience something new.

“I really enjoy exploring and having a college campus and an entire new city and state is going to be fun,” Thompkins said. “However, I believe St. Louis will always be my home and hope to be able to settle down in the Lou down the road.”

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