Summer Davis and friends study during the Finals Frenzy.

Summer Davis and friends study during the Finals Frenzy. (Photo by Nitori Henderson)

With finals on the way, many students are stressed, wondering how they can study enough to get or maintain the grade they want in their classes. The weight of finals on semester grades can be scary, and it is hard to know how to study for some classes.

The club Triple-A hosted a Finals Frenzy event, where Pattonville teachers came to help those same stressed students prepare to ace this semester’s tests.

Summer Davis (10) went with some of her friends to ready herself for this hectic time.

“The event was super cool,” Davis said. “There were teachers from each core department. They gave us tips on how to study for any final in their topic and actually a lot of the tips they gave could carry into other finals too.”

The event was aimed at freshman, who have never had to take a final in high school, but the lessons learned reached all grades of the school.

“(This event) will affect my study habits because many things they said just added little tweaks to my study habits I already do, such as doing a Quizlet group,” Davis elaborated.

Finals Frenzy helped its attendees a lot this year, but there is always more to learn.

“I would totally go next year, especially since next year, I will be a junior and the ACT will be happening,” Davis said. “I think that their tips will help not only in semester finals, but with those tests too.”

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