What goes on in the hallways during passing time

Isabella Monahan, News reporter

After sitting in a class for 50 minutes (90 minutes on a long day), it is a relief to get up and stretch your legs. But the pressure of school does not let up during the breaks considering you only have 6 minutes to get to your next class. With more than 1,600 students in the school, the hallways can get quite crowded. Students get a 2-minute warning before the tardy bell sounds, but that does not always help students get to class on time.

Check out the video of what goes on in the hallways between classes and hear from some of the students their opinions of passing time.

Which hallway is the hardest for you to make it to?

  1. Erin McGuire: The math hall
  2. Lexi Lambros: D-wing
  3. Josie O’Dell: D-wing

What’s one of the craziest things you’ve seen in the hallways here at PHS?

  1. Erin McGuire: Fights
  2. Lexi Lambros: No answer
  3. Josie O’Dell: Don’t know

Has the limited amount of time between each class ever resulted in you being tardy?

  1. Erin McGuire: No answer
  2. Lexi Lambros: No
  3. Josie O’Dell: No

What do you usually do on your way to class?

  1. Erin McGuire: Talk to my friends
  2. Lexi Lambros: Talk to friends and check my phone
  3. Josie O’Dell: Listen to music

Do you like the upstairs hallways or the downstairs hallways more?

  1. Erin McGuire: Downstairs
  2. Lexi Lambros: Upstairs
  3. Josie O’Dell: Upstairs

What’s a hallway “pet peeve” of yours?

  1. Erin McGuire: When people walk slow
  2. Lexi Lambros: When people abruptly stop in the middle of the hallway
  3. Josie O’Dell: Walking slow or talking in the middle of the hallway

What’s some advice you have, if any, for anyone who has never walked the PHS hallways before?

  1. Erin McGuire: Don’t walk slow, everyone will hate you
  2. Lexi Lambros: No answer
  3. Josie O’Dell: Try to get around the people walking slow