Half marathon training begins soon

Isabella Monahan

A student displays the medal she won for completing the half marathon in 2015. (file photo)

Pattonville High School Spanish teacher Ms. Shelly Christian started the half marathon club to find another way to get students involved in a club that gives students purpose and discipline. This year will be the seventh half marathon season and more and more students and teachers are getting involved.

“I love to run and the students reaching their goals really motivates me. In return, I motivate students and I am always reminding them to keep their personal goals in mind,” she said. “I always like to be excited and upbeat at practices in order to encourage my students to stay positive.”

Last year, there were 58 students that participated in the Go! St. Louis Students on the Go program, and she said she isn’t expecting any less students to turn out after the initial meeting on Oct. 19.

Many different teachers get involved too. In past years, Ms. Jacqueline Saxton, Ms. Emily McDaniel, Ms. Margaret Gender, and Mr. Patrick Handrahan have run with the group.

This year, Ms. Katherine Kessler who is in her first year teaching at Pattonville plans to participate.

“I used to be big into running at my old school and I participated in the Go! St. Louis Half Marathon in 2012, but after having my daughter and becoming a new teacher here at Pattonville, I just haven’t really had the opportunity to get back into it,” Kessler said.

She isn’t worried about anything going into this half marathon, and said she is looking forward to helping the students and to getting some accountability with keeping track of students.

Training for the 2018 half marathon begins soon and all registrations forms must be turned in to Ms. Christian (H106) by Nov. 17.