Pirates water polo starts season 0-2

Brandon Tiepelman, Sports writer

The Pirates are playing three games over a 3-day span that started on Tuesday to open the 2018 season, and Pattonville lost the first two by 10 goals each. The third game is tonight at MICDS.

In the first game on Tuesday, Pattonville battled St. Louis Area Polo, a local club team and lost 14-4.

Team captain sophomore Phillip Tso said he is confident in the team this season despite the loss.

“We just need to play aggressive and communicate.”

On Wednesday, the Pirates looked for redemption but they were not able to get a groove going against John Burroughs who scored 2 goals in the first minute of the game.

Pattonville seemed to be cursed by the John Burroughs defense and the shot clock, often getting their shots off just as the buzzer sounded getting 2 goals ruled off that did not count.

The Pirates lost the bout 13-3, but the player of the game for Pattonville was Phillip Tso scoring 2 of the 3 goals that game.

Sophomore Chaska Cox-Potter said the communication problems continued.

“I think the reason we lost so bad is just because we had little to no communication that game.”

Junior Austin Brower thinks the team needs to start playing a complete game.

“What we need to start doing is finishing in the 2-meter,” he said. “A lot of us weren’t taking open shots and we need to take advantage of opportunities in the 2-meter.”

Today, the Pirates will take on MICDS in their first away game of the season.