Boys’ volleyball team trying out something new by making changes to the lineup

Jake Richardson, Writer

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Volleyball team gets ready to make a play. (File photo)

After a tough Vianney Tournament which the boys’ volleyball team placed tied for 3rd, the athletes headed into the week focused and prepared, but tired. The boys’ program has 3 games this week as well as a 2-day tournament at Parkway Central starting on Friday where they face Oakville at 6:30 p.m.

The Pirates’ first game this week was against Westminster on Monday, and Auston Bonté was one of the athletes playing out of his normal position.

“Our coach came up to me before the game and talked to me about what we should do this week because of how many games we have a possibility of playing,” Bonte said. “He told me that he wants to have fun but still win games, so he told me I was going to set and have some of our normal starters sit out for the first match.”

Pattonville’s normal starting setter Cole Cwiklowski was not extremely happy about this.

“I wasn’t upset about the fact I wasn’t setting,” he said. “Last year, I never sat a set so I have a streak going and I didn’t want to have that end this year, but my coach put me in to serve and even swing outside at one point so I was OK with his decision in the end.”

Pattonville is planning on changing the lineups and having a fun week before the tournament while still winning games.

Jake Richardson said the team works on playing different positions during practice.

“Our coach has us all working on different positions during practice so if he ever has to switch something up or if he plans on resting some players before a big tournament everyone is prepared and ready to go in when their name is called,” Richardson said. “He surprised me in the Westminster game because he put me in to play back row and right-side during the second match which came to a surprise to the whole team because I normally just play middle.”

When the matches against Westminster  concluded, the Pirates swept the Wildcats at all levels.