Red Ribbon Week is supported with theme days


Jamie Grant, Writer

More students are familiar with Spirit Week for Homecoming, but there’s another Spirit Week upon students at Pattonville going on this week. This time, it’s for the Red Ribbon Week campaign.

The Red Ribbon Week campaign was made for three reasons: To help kids understand the dangers of drug use and abuse, to teach them to respect themselves being drug free, and to spread the word to their family and friends about the importance of being healthy and drug free.

  • Monday – Turn your back on Drugs: Wear your shirt backward to show your support for a drug free life.
  • Tuesday – Sock it to drugs: Wear your craziest pair of socks to show your support for a drug free life.
  • Wednesday – Friends don’t let friends use drugs: Coordinate outfits and dress up like a friend to show your support for a drug free life.
  • Thursday – Tie down drugs: Wear your best tie dye apparel to show your support for a drug free life.
  • Friday – Wear Red: Show your support for a drug free life by wearing as much RED as possible.

On Tuesday, students had the chance to wear crazy socks to show that they are pledging to be drug free.

Ace Mansdoerfer has a lot of crazy socks and would take any opportunity that comes along to wear them. She does not know anyone that has a drug use problem but she still wanted to support the cause.

For Red Ribbon Week, students will have the opportunity to sign a slip of paper that states that they agree to be drug free.  These papers will be posted on a bulletin board in the hallway of Pattonville High School.

So far there are a few slips of paper, but the counselors hope to see many more by the end of the week.