Danfort returns to the court this season after major injury last year


Niya Danfort shoots a free throw at a Pattonville home game during her sophomore (2016-2017) season. (File photo)

Tayler Smith, Reporter

Pattonville girls’ basketball star athlete Niya Danfort tore her ACL last season during the first game of the season, putting her on the bench for the remainder of the year.

What she described to be a season-changing moment is the same moment that motivated her for this brand-new season.

“It made me look at the game of basketball differently and motivated me to go even harder my last high school season.”

Her final season as a high school athlete, Danfort has left her mark on coaches around her as she pushes through the minor setback for a major comeback.

“She knows the game of basketball and her way around it,” varsity girls’ basketball head coach Mr. Doug McGhee said.   “Danfort has drive and shoots the ball exceptionally well. Her leadership skills and experience is what helps us get to the next level.”

Being dedicated to the sport since 5th grade, Danfort explains how this season means everything in the world to her.

Danfort explains that being reunited with her team after her injury is one part of basketball that’s really exciting.

“When I pick up a ball, I’m a different person,” she said. “I can tune the world out and see just the ball. I’m always ready to improve my game on the court, it’s a part of dream chasing.”

Danfort and the rest of the Pattonville girls’ basketball team are playing in three tournaments on the road before returning home to face Hazelwood West on Jan. 9 at 6 p.m.