Culinary Art students prepare Teacher Appreciation Luncheon

Senior Najee Glass prepares lunch by pouring some soup into a bowl.

Brandon Clark, Reporter

Lunch was prepared and served by students in Ms. Tracie Olson’s Culinary Art classes on Friday to teachers and staff members at Pattonville High School. Student Council members were also involved in the planning.

Originally scheduled for Thursday, it was pushed back a day because of school being canceled for snow.

Sydney BoClair was one of the students who prepared the food.

“I was really nervous because I was making lunch for my teachers and if they didn’t like it, they would give me trouble about it.”

She wants to continue cooking after high school.

“I actually want to be a chef as my career path,” BoClair said. “I really enjoy it.”

In addition to salad, Jimmy John’s sandwiches and chips being served, students prepared soups like buffalo chicken and cheese tortellini with sausage. Desserts were also made and included blueberry cobbler, gooey butter cake, and pumpkin cake.