Students were rewarded for having good grades



Jamie Grant, Editor

The Renaissance club organized a special treat on Friday, Dec. 7, for the students at Pattonville who had a GPA of 3.0 or higher through the first two grading periods of the semester.

“The original concept was ‘How Sweet Are Your Grades,'” Renaissance sponsor Ms. Beth Moritz said.

This year’s theme for the party was Mardi Gras for the students whose grades were “Mardi-Great.”

The students were given a large selection of cheesecakes and cupcakes to choose from as a reward for good grades.

Some student members of the club volunteered to help set up or clean up afterward, and students from Renaissance were on hand to help pass out the desserts to every student who qualified to receive a ticket.

“This is a way to congratulate them on a successful academic semester,” Moritz said.