MULTIMEDIA What if you were the top of your class?

Imani Warren

For some, school may be something to cope with. A place you go because you have to, but for sophomores Grace Ohlsen and Jordyn Lodes, school is a place they go to succeed. These two students are at the top of their class at Pattonville High School, and plan to be for years to come.

The student body may wonder how they’re so successful, and with finals coming up, I thought it’d be great to ask them about how they are so successful at school.

Ohlsen has a routine for how she studies for finals.

I do all resources my teachers give me without using my notes. If I don’t remember how to do something, I look back and write down that I should study that,” she said. “If I have time, I’ll make a review sheet of everything. I never use the review sheet before the test.”

It’s evident that she has consistent study habits.

Ohlsen said that she makes her life easier by spreading her work out and doing things in advance. She motivates herself by looking down the road and preparing for the future. Forward thinking is key.

When asked what sets her apart from other students, she said that her approach is different compared to others.

“I focus on the material. I organize the information and shorten it. I also try to use color and decoration in my notes.”

Looking back to the doodles in her notes helps her remember when it comes to test taking.

Lodes doesn’t procrastinate because, “once you start your work, it’s easier to get it done.”

Although these students are at the top of their class, there’s always room for improvement.

Lodes says, “I want to be better at focusing,” because her work could be better without TV or phones being a distraction.

Ohlsen says that she’d “give myself more time to finish my work,” Underestimating the amount of time it can take to finish work is her weakness

These two girls hope to continue being at the top of their class for years to come.

“I’lI continue to work hard because I want to continue being at the top of my class for Top 10 as a senior, and possibly future scholarships,” Lodes said.

Grace Ohlsen and Jordyn Lodes are students that always put their best foot forward. We could all take a note from them.