MULTIMEDIA Alumni return to teach at the high school

Ava Woods

Since 1933, Pattonville High School has been making changes to their district to make it a better learning place for its students. The changes ranged from remodeling the school physically to changing the way that students learn. The teachers, more specifically, the alumni, have seen these changes take place when they went to the Pattonville High School.

1993 alum Mr. Steve Smith returned to the high school to teach PE in Positive School and is currently the head football coach.

“There was no swimming pool,” he said. “The swimmers used to swim at the Bridgeton Community Center. Also, the weight room and football locker rooms use to be under the stadium instead of their own building.”

Pattonville High School went under a lot of physical changes to make the school have more opportunities for the students. The changes provided students now with a football stadium that they can watch Friday night football in or a swimming pool that allows students to practice their dives and laps. Also, many students now do not know that the library and Student Commons use to not exist in the school.

When many of the alumni went to high school, the library used to be located where the C-Wing classrooms are now. But the school has remodeled that area; making the library and Student Commons now located in the F-Wing.

2009 graduate Ms. Emily McDaniel now teaches English at the high school after also doing her student teaching in the building. She also serves as a tennis coach.

“There is so much technology now,” McDaniel said. “We did not have laptops, so we had to go to a computer lab or check out computers from a cart, but we could never take the computers home.”

There were also many changes in the way that students learn. When many of the teachers went to the high school, there were not that many opportunities for the use of computers. There was only one computer lab provided to them. The teachers would learn and study from textbooks and worksheets given by their teachers. However, now the school has changed into having every student provided with a laptop that they can take home. This opened many opportunities for the students to widen their resources to learn from.

Over the years, Pattonville High School has developed a wide variety of after school activities for the students.

Ms. Katie Funderburk graduated from Pattonville in 2003 and is now a English teacher.

“In terms of after school programs, there are so many more offerings now for people then there were when I went to high school,” she said. “Which I think is awesome because there is literally something for everyone.”

From 1933 to now, Pattonville High School has strived to make itself a better place for not only its students, but also the teachers and staff.

Check out some of the teachers from their senior yearbook photo to this year’s staff photo for the yearbook.

Ms. Katie Funderburk

Ms. Mary Cradick

Mr. Steve Smith