OPINION Are final exams necessary?


Students study for their exams during Triple A’s Finals Frenzy event on Dec. 12.

Ava Woods, Writer

For one week, students stay up all night studying and stressing over final exams.

In Pattonville, finals can make up to 20 percent of your grade, but should they be all that necessary?

In my opinion, finals are necessary because it can help students bring their grades up, teach them valuable studying skills, show teachers what the students understand and don’t understand, and show the school what the students learned over the semester.

An article from FacultyForcus.com stated, “What more students need to understand is that certain kind of exams experiences promote learning that lasts longer, which helps them in subsequent courses and after they graduate.”

In my opinion, finals can also show teachers how they could improve the way they teach.

If they see that a majority of their students got a certain section in their final wrong, that will signal them to teach the next semester more throughly. Also finals help students with low grades to try to bring to them up to pass. Studying for finals also teaches students how to manage time, which will help them in the long run when they graduate from high school. Time management is a hard skill to master, but having to do finals twice a year all throughout high school teaches the students how to do that.

Overall, I believe finals are necessary because they will benefit the students in the long run and will show the teachers how to change their teaching to benefit the students.