Prebianca is preparing for graduation and life after high school

Imani Warren, Writer

Nolan Prebianca poses for a picture outside of Ms. Fitzpatrick’s classroom.

Stop Day is on Tuesday, and while 9th, 10th, and 11th graders are thinking about what classes they should take for next year, senior Nolan Prebianca is thinking about life after high school.

Graduating is an exciting, yet scary milestone in life. His whole life, he’s had people to back him up, but now he will be out on his own.

“Being on my own probably scares me the most,” Prebianca said.

Exploring and utilizing everything he can while at Pattonville is what he’s done to most prepare him for the “real world.”

Being involved in the debate program has helped push him into the next step in life. In high school, he thinks that discussing and talking, or reasoning with others, is something that is essential.

“Public speaking is a very important skill,” he said. “I’m extremely grateful for that because […] I know I can have a reasonable conversation with anyone.”

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Although he doesn’t know what he wants to major in at Maryville University next year, he knows that places like the military aren’t for him.

“Hands-on things aren’t necessarily my strong suit.”

He says his family keeps on top of him as far as procrastinating goes, though there is slight pressure from his family. Fulfilling the expectations of parents, teachers, and peers alike can be a stressful responsibility to have.

“As much as they’ve helped me, I do feel slight pressure,” Prebianca said. “A responsibility to fulfill.”

On Stop Day, current undergrad students can start to think about their future by registering for classes that are good fits for their career goals.