Kansas City Audio and Visual demonstrates how technology adds movement in the classroom at #METC19


A company that specializes at making educational video games is one of about 50 vendors in the Exhibit Hall at the METC Conference in St. Charles

Kansas City Audio and Visual is based out of Kansas City, Missouri, and the company specializes in making in-classroom technology and the specific game they presented at METC is called Lü. The game is projected on a wall and it involves throwing objects at the projector to get points.

The METC Conference is being held in St. Charles, Missouri, from Feb. 11-13 and more than 1,400 teachers are gathered to get new ideas to make the classroom more fun and interactive for the learners. Teachers and educators from all around Missouri will be gathered at the convention as a collective group to hopefully obtain some new ideas.

Lü has several different games that range anywhere from a mathematical basis to a physical education competition.

“So the main purpose of our game is to show that gym class has not changed much in the last 50 years and it needs to change,” Carson from KCAV said.

He said if young students were asked if they would rather do a worksheet or throw dodgeballs around the classroom, 100 percent of the youngsters would vote to integrate P.E. into the classroom.

“This type of game helps engage the brain and the body,” he said. “With the mixture of physical education and challenging the brain, Lü is a great alternative for the traditional classroom environment.”

METC will continue until Wednesday as teachers and educators continue to spread their knowledge to the rest of the state.