Pattonville STUCO prepares to help students with special needs have a special night


STUCO members prepare for Night to Shine by painting a “Your Face Here” photo cutout.

Often, there are things many Special School District children do not get to experience as a normal high schooler would. One such thing is Homecoming. The loud noises, crowded spaces, along with other things, makes it difficult for some to enjoy or even function. However, just as these students get accommodations in learning, schools across the region have come together to make sure these students have a night to shine.

STUCO members make capes to give to hospitalized children with special needs.

Pattonville’s Student Council organization has partnered with other high schools to put on this event.

“Night to Shine is just like our Homecoming, but the music is quieter, there are more lights, and there are a lot of activities so they don’t get overwhelmed,” STUCO member Bianca Johnson said.

Pattonville’s STUCO’s commitment to improving the lives of those with disabilities does not end with Night to Shine. They also frequently partner with the Special Olympics.

Night to Shine was supposed to take place this Friday at Hazelwood West but the anticipated inclement weather has caused it to be pushed back to March 1.