Boys’ volleyball stays hot

Ja'Sir Gilum, Sports writer

The Pattonville boys volleyball team won another tournament over the weekend and are now ranked in the Top 5 in Missouri on

Volleyball players Jack Goetz and William Polster recently answered a few questions.

Ok, so can you tell us a little bit about how the season is going right now?

William Polster: “We just played in the Francis Howell Tournament and ended up winning that last weekend, and we had the Vianney Tournament this weekend and got another dub at that. We have a couple of away games coming up and we’re just hoping to keep winning.”

Are there any games you’re looking forward to or expect a big home crowd?

William Polster: “Come to the Parkway North game. We need a big student section because we have a rivalry against them.”

What would you say is your biggest strength this season?

William Polster: “We have a bunch of consistent hitters. We have a bunch of big, tall and powerful defensive hitters that I feel a lot of people are going to have a hard time defending, so instead of passing it to one person, it’s a more spread out offense.”

So Jack, tell me how you feel the season’s going to end up for you guys?

Jack Goetz: “I feel like the seasons is going to end very good. We’re going to do really well this season and we have a chance of going to State.”

So I saw on your Snapchat that you said ‘Everyone keeps hating on volleyball even though we’re the only ones who win.’ Do you care to expand on that?

Jack Goetz: “So I think people think we’re not going to be as good this year because Austin Bonte graduated last year, and it’s not true. People are just sleeping on us.”