Teachers feel honored to be selected for Renaissance games by student-athletes

Mikayla Bridges, Reporter

Current Renaissance sponsor Ms. Beth Moritz started the tradition of a Renaissance game 11 years ago. Renaissance games are a special, designated home game that varsity team members get to invite one teacher to come cheer them on. The morning of the game, the student and the teacher take a picture, which the teacher gets to keep.

“I started it because I went to a Renaissance conference [over the summer] and someone at the conference presented how they had done a Football Friday,” Moritz said. “They felt like it was a great way to bring the school together. I came back in the fall and we did a Football Friday.”

The Football Friday tradition followed the same format of the current Renaissance games and was an instant success.

Coaches from other teams wanted to get involved.

“So every varsity team since that first Football Friday has a chance to do that.”

These games have been a cherished Pattonville tradition and are close to the hearts of Pattonville teachers. Here’s what some teachers (and Little Known Fact: Support staff can also be selected including janitors and librarians) have to say about the Renaissance games.