Jobe selected as “Be Cool Campaign” staff winner

Victoria Zavala, Yearbook staff

For their second annual “Be Cool Campaign” ceremony, Student Council members surprised science teacher Ms. Jamie Jobe on April 24 as the staff appreciation winner. She was given small gifts throughout the day as part of the celebration.

The award came as a complete shock for the winner.

“I was very surprised and confused when I walked into my classroom this morning,” Jobe said. “I had no idea this was going to happen.”

On Tuesday night, Student Council members stayed after school to decorate her room with black, white, and green balloons and colorful streamers. On Wednesday morning, they surprised her with the honor.

She got a basket full of her favorite chocolate and a blue water bottle. She also got a donut for breakfast and a salad from Saint Louis Bread Co. for lunch.

Student Council sponsor Ms. Heather Johnston said in an email that this is Pattonville’s version of the Dude Be Nice Project that builds positive communities.

“Our student leaders do a variety of acts of kindness throughout the year to improve the school’s climate.”

During the year, Student Council members nominate any staff member that they feel needs to be recognized and they give examples to support their selection.

“We vote and then we secretly find out about what the staff member likes or is interested in,” she wrote. “Each hour, she will get some small items of her interest or likes. For example, she likes chocolate. She will also get breakfast and lunch.”

Last year, Mr. Denny McFarland was recognized as the first “Be Cool Campaign” winner.