Color Guard team named after tryouts


Jadyn Graves , Photographer

From April 15-18, the Pattonville Color Guard held their annual tryouts for the fall season. Each day consisted of the members learning a new skill whether it be dance or flag.

The first day focused primarily on dance and learning the various positions and ways to walk just as jazz walks or runs. A guard favorite was the “across the floors” in which the members lined up across the wall and went back and forth across the gym showcasing the different dance elements.

The second day is when they got the flags out and learned basic things such as the flags anatomy, drop-spins, and flag positions. Members from last year’s fall guard and this year’s winter guard divided up into teams between the new members so they could get one-on-one help and guidance. After 15 minutes, the groups performed for each other and the best group received a prize.

The third day, the members began to learn the routine they would perform for their final audition to determine whether they would make the team. First, a dance routine to Jordin Sparks “No Air” was taught showcasing various elements of dance such as sashays, tondus, and arabesques. Then they were told to perform an across the floor exercise featuring léves and coupés. Lastly, they did 50 drop spins.

On the last day, the coaches gave everyone 15 minutes to prepare before they sent everyone into the hallway to wait their turn. Many people were nervous and the rifles instructor teased them saying they would only take 12 people when in reality they wanted 30. Once called inside, they performed everything they learned over the week and the process continued until everyone went.

When asked how he felt tryouts went, color guard director Charlie Bourrage said, “I think this season we have a good chance of getting first place.”