Motivating Students to Achieve Their Best

Nolan Ballard, Staff Writer

Renaissance is a program that helps to increase academic performance in schools. The purpose of Renaissance is to respect, reward, and reinforce positive performance. According to the Renaissance mission, the incentives help students achieve higher grades and test scores, improved attendance, better behavior, and it also increases staff morale. The Renaissance club sponsor, Ms. Moritz, believes these help motivate students. “I think the Pirate Renaissance shirts and Scholar Athlete shirts are a tremendous incentive for kids to get good grades.” Many activities that are organized by Renaissance are being planned, but Fall congratulations incentives for students and staff have already been distributed.

The Renaissance Program at PHS recognizes students who: have a 3.0 GPA or higher, have perfect attendance, or who improve their performance by 0.5 of their GPA, who do not have ISS, OSS, or any detentions. 

The Renaissance Program organizes these following activities: Fall congratulations incentives (t-shirts and locker signs), sports teams-staff recognition (Jersey Days), yearbook giveaway after each grading period, a Scholar Athlete Program, a fall dessert bar (“How Sweet Are Your Grades?”) (GP2), a Taste of Pattonville Sampler Night, an Improvement Luncheon, an MVP (Most Valuable Pirate) special awards assembly, a Spring Field Day, Senior Top Ten GPAs at Spring Pep Assembly, and numerous incentives and giveaways throughout the year. All of these events are made possible by the Renaissance Program to help students grow and achieve their goals.