The Little Dog That Laughed Performances Take Center Stage

Ava Bearskin , Staff Writer


On October 17-19, Ms. Lara Corvera and her troupe of actors performed their version of The Little Dog That Laughed, a comedy about the Huntington’s eldest child, Laurie (Lydia McCollough, 12), coming home for the summer after two years away at college. She’s working on a psychology degree and decides she needs to help her conservative family become more progressive.

At first, Laurie’s experiments on her family are harmless until it costs her mother her friends, her father his loan, and her brother his relationship. The family is fed up with Laurie’s antics and pulls a huge prank on her, right in front of her boyfriend. Laurie is so mad that she runs away. 

Eventually, Laurie comes back and everyone learns some important lessons. Mr. Huntington (Micheal Nelson, 12) ends up getting his loan and the rights to the building he wants as well as a new business partner in an old nemesis. Mrs. Huntington (Alayna Hopgood, 12) decides that she doesn’t need to uphold a certain social status and becomes friends with a surprising woman. Laurie’s brother, Wally (Dominick Austin, 9) moves past the rivalry between him and his ex-girlfriend’s families and they get back together.

The play takes place in the summer of 1955 which adds an interesting aspect regarding social standards and roles. Laurie is a very interesting character because she thinks she knows everything there is to know because she’s partially educated. She comes home and gets a sense of humility. She learns a critical lesson about family when she comes back for the summer. 

The cast and crew worked for months to ensure a top-notch performance, and the audience was not disappointed. Overall, The Little Dog That Laughed was a huge success. The spring musical auditions are November 4, 5, and 6. Be sure to check that out.