Is the iPhone 11 Better Than the X?

Ava Bearskin , Staff Writer

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The iPhone 11 is currently one of Apple’s latest phones to release, with three different variations. With the iPhone 11’s improvements from its predecessor and superior display, it’s guaranteed to satisfy any tech consumer. The 11’s price dropped to $699 recently, the 11 Pro is $999, and the 11 Pro Max is $1099. While a lot of people are happy with the new phone, a lot of others feel it’s not worth it if they had the XR, which is priced at $599 but was originally $750.
Users of the 11 are most pleased with the new camera on the phone. The camera has a new wide mode and a new dark mode. The wide view zooms out without the zoomed out look. The dark mode artificially brightens darker settings.
One of the downfalls of the iPhone 11 is the lack of an aux cord port, which isn’t surprising since we haven’t seen one on an iPhone since the iPhone 6. However, in a seemingly successful attempt to redeem this downfall, Apple did release their new bluetooth earbuds in 2016. Apple released the AirPod Pros in 2019, which is an expensive fix but a fix, nonetheless.
The display of the iPhone 11 is stellar compared to previous phones. The glass encased phone has a 6.1” liquid retina display. This is an LCD display that has a higher quality of pixelation, which creates a high definition view with no pixels seen to the naked eye.
Apple also released new colors for the iPhone 11. While keeping the black, white, yellow, and the special (PRODUCT) Red, the newest iPhone comes in sea green, lavender, and hunter green. Any device bought in (PRODUCT) Red has proceeds that go to the Global HIV/AIDS fund to help fight AIDS, which is continuing since it started in 2018.
The iPhone 11 Pro has a new feature to it that no other iPhone has. This is the fast charging 18W USB-C charger and a USB-C to lightning cable adapter. In addition, it has a third camera designed to enhance the dimensions of photos.
While Pattonville used to have a clear divide between iPhone and Android users, it seems the iPhone 11 has changed that dynamic.