Eighth Grade Students Attend PHS Curriculum Night


Destiny Wiser

At Curriculum Night, Jon Saetelle and his student teacher Paige Staebell showcase their Industrial Technology program for future and current students.

Matthew Jacobi and Ava Bearskin

On Monday, January 27, eighth grade students from Pattonville’s Holman, Heights, and Remington schools attended the Pattonville High School Curriculum Fair. Students and parents got to see what course selections there would be for the 2020-2021 school year.

The fair included an assembly introducing students and parents to Pattonville High School. Then, parents and students visited booths set up in the cafeteria and commons to meet with PHS teachers and students. Each booth showcased information on different classes and electives offered for next year, and the teachers and students fielded questions. The event was an opportunity for parents and students to get a glimpse into what high school is going to be like.

From a student perspective, Sydney Hoynacki, current eighth grade student at Holman, voiced her opinion about the curriculum night. “It felt useful to look at the classes offered and be able to talk to students currently in that class. I think it is beneficial, and it allows students to start thinking about what classes they will take as freshmen or even upperclassmen.” Sydney thought the Orchestra course stood out the most because “some students and Mr. Dunsmoor were playing a piece of music on their instruments.”

Eighth grade students will also get another opportunity during school to visit the High School on Thursday, February 6th at 1:15 pm, with another round of booths set up for students about the activities offered here at PHS.