PHS Seniors Emily Gamache and Lydia McCullogh Selected for Ceramic Teapots

Joshua Engelhardt, Staff Writer

PHS Seniors Emily Gamache and Lydia McCullogh were selected to have their ceramic teapots exhibited in the High School Teapot Exhibit held in the Spiritas Gallery at Ladue Horton Watkins High School, which featured 14 schools. The exhibit was a partnership with Craft Alliance Center of Art and Design and was part of Tea and Cookies: 17th Biennial Teapot Exhibition.

Scott Fader
Artist Lydia McCullough constructed her Indiana Jones themed teapot after being inspired by a scene in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. She was given some help from her teacher, but she put it together and came up with the idea.

As part of a Ceramics 2 class project, Lydia McCullogh worked on hers for over two weeks. The guidelines were to have a not normal but still functional teapot. She believed that she went a step further and made it functional with a different way of pouring. McCullogh was really happy to be selected out of other very talented students. On her teapot design, she explains, “While it is macabre, I thought it would be very unique and interesting to look at.”

Scott Fader
Artist Emily Gamache constructed a teapot for a school project in Ceramics 2. The pot features elements of the ocean.

Another Ceramics 2 student and winner is Emily Gamache, who also worked on hers for the duration of the project. Her teapot was very unique from the others, too, and it was designed with an ocean motif.

Mr. Fader was very proud of his students whose work was recognized. He explained that his belief is that “the creation of art should be as personal of an experience as possible.” He felt his job during the project was to act as an art “coach” to help with their ideas. “I am simply a resource for idea generating processes and sharing techniques or skills that may be helpful for the students to achieve their goals.”

The exhibit runs through March 27 at Ladue Horton Watkins High School.