Sharpening Skills from Home: Players Get Creative

Jordyn Maryas, Contributing Writer

After a mass outbreak of COVID-19, spring sports have been put on hold and the athletes are not able to compete in their sport. They are missing out on something that they love to do, which is devastating. Although they can’t do anything with their team, many of the athletes are doing things on their own to keep in shape and connected with their teammates.
Staying active during this time is very important to stay in shape and be healthy. The members of the girls’ soccer team at Pattonville High School have been doing their own workouts that keep them healthy. For example, Macy Hanford, a sophomore at Pattonville High, says that she is doing a two mile run then going back home to juggle and shoot, which helps her stay fit. With this break she was able to discover that she enjoys juggling and doing new tricks. Additionally, Kyleigh Maryas, a junior at Pattonville High, mentions that she is doing workout videos to stay in shape. So, there are many different ways that the members of the girls’ soccer team are trying to be healthy by working out and keeping their touches on the ball good.
Staying away from an activity that you love is very difficult to deal with but the soccer team is trying their best to stay connected through social media and other ways. Kyleigh Maryas says she is “talking in our group chats and brainstorming ideas that allow us to be together even when we are far apart,” to stay connected.
Macy Hanford says that she isn’t dealing well with having to stay away from soccer. “I want to get back at it. I’ve already been out for too long and this was the season I was supposed to come back.” Last season she suffered a traumatic injury to her ACL and was so excited to get back onto the field this year, but due to this pandemic she can’t.
The team has been staying connected through group chats and they have been making things like Tik Toks and doing challenges to try to stay involved and together when possible. All the girls on the team say that the thing they miss the most about soccer is the team. They hope to see each other soon and get back out onto the field whenever they can.
Participating in group challenges and doing their own workouts when possible helps them stay in touch with the sport they love. They all reported that they miss each other dearly and just want to play together again as soon as possible.