Small Business Spotlight: Serra’s Pizza


Christian Movick

Serra’s Pizzeria on McKelvey Rd. in Maryland Heights, MO.

Christian Movick, Staff Writer

During this time of a global pandemic, some may be yearning to get out of their homes, and many are starting to get tired of their own food. While the things people can do when going out of their homes are limited, there are still some options when it comes to going out while at the same time staying safe. A beloved local restaurant that’s known for their good food and that has been taking extra precautions during these uncertain times is Serra’s Pizzeria.
Serra’s Pizzeria was founded in 1970, and to this day is family operated just as they were when founded. Before the pandemic took its toll, people would praise their service, nice workers, and their welcoming environment.
Ever since the Coronavirus has made its impact on the St. Louis area, there are certainly some changes that have been made to their operations.
In an over-the-phone interview, one of their staff, Lea, who has worked there for 25 years, explained how Serra’s has been making changes during this difficult time. “We have been doing only carryout, curbside, and delivery. We’ve also been closing earlier, now at 10 instead of the usual midnight and 1.”
She also noted, “We’ve also had to cut our staff, begin wearing masks, and do a lot more cleaning.”
When asked about how their business has been doing ever since this virus, Lea said, “It has definitely slowed down our business. We’ve lost some business in things like alcohol sales, and especially in our dining, that was a big part.” Their pickup hours currently go from 4:00 P.M. to 10:00 P.M., while their delivery hours go from 4:00 P.M. to 9:30 P.M.
Ever since this pandemic first started, many restaurants have been faced with the challenge of trying to pull in customers while many don’t want to go where others may be in fear of contracting this virus. However, there are restaurants that are taking precautions, and one of the best in the area for their food and service, according to many in the area, is Serra’s Pizzeria. If we don’t help local businesses, we may not see them again, which is why helping out local businesses is always appreciated by not just the workers, but in the long run, the people, too.