Masking with Style


Valerie Murray

Freshman Dylan Fontana creates masks that fit with their outfit. They spent two days to create the rainbow-themed kandi bracelets and mask.

Valerie Murray, Contributing Writer

From the traditional light blue surgical mask to bedazzled fabric, student masks are as diverse as the people who wear them.

In terms of variables that students look for in a mask, comfort is the most important. For sophomore Kyndal Dickerson, ear comfort is a must. “I like a mask that is soft material, and not really hard for me to breath, and that is soft cotton around the ear piece so that It won’t bother my ear.”

For sophomore Cami Stacker, style is important while wearing masks. “I like most of my masks to match my outfit only because I like to coordinate colors and I think it’s cute.” In addition to the safety aspect, masks are becoming a fashion statement.

Breathability is a really big part when it comes to masks. For junior Keion Diggs, breathability is the most important of all things: “Not every good looking mask is safe and breathable, and I would always want to wear breathable, comfy masks.”

What is a mask without safety? According to sophomore Kyndal Dickerson, “Most masks are cute but not safe and you should always want a mask that is safe when you’re around others.” A safe mask is the best mask.

With a vaccine on the horizon, the long range future of masks is uncertain; however, until the pandemic is under control, they will be a required addition to every wardrobe.