Actions Speak Louder than Coaches: Girls Basketball Makes Top Scoring Leaders List


Ava Bearskin

Charlie Heiligenstein throws a free throw in Pattonvilles home game against Parkway West on December 11, while Mattie Ohlsen gets ready to catch the rebound.

Ava Bearskin, Editor-in-Chief

47-33, the score of Pattonville’s girls basketball team’s home game against Parkway West. So far, the team has a record of Team members, Cami Stacker and Jasmine Grey hold 25th and 26th (respectively) in scoring leaders in the St. Louis area with Cami averaging 16.6 points per game and Jasmine 16.3 points per game.

So far, the team has two wins. “It’s a lot of hard work but I love every minute of it. The team has really bonded through season and we’ve been getting better on and off the court. Practices are difficult but there’s never a practice we aren’t all laughing and having fun. some practices are a lot hard than other especially when we have a bad game but that just comes with the sport,” says Megan Hughes. Paige Boyce hopes that the team will “win a lot of games and just have fun together.”

With Covid-19 still a threat, the team is required to wear masks during every practice and games. Megan comments, “There’s a lot of new rules that I never thought we would have to worry about like, wearing mask during games and practices, making it harder to breathe. Having no spectators isn’t fun but I know that they’re watching and cheering us on from their homes.”

Unfortunately, at their Parkway West game, the JV team was exposed to Covid-19 and had to quarantine for two weeks. Both Megan and Paige were exposed as well and were out of quarantine on the 25th, right in time for their game on the 26th.

The team is playing through the end of February and has quite a few more games to play. Their hope is to make it to and do well in districts.