Flexibility Leads to Spirit


Camryn Peebles

PHS Cheerleaders perform at a boys’ varsity basketball game against Parkway West. The Pirates went on to win 47-33.

Mackenzie Rosenthal, News Editor

With many questioning how cheer will be able to compete because cheerleading is a high contact sport, there are a lot of questions on what the season could look like.

The changes started in the fall. Because cheerleaders usually cheer at football games, questions arose about when they would be able to perform. Senior Lauryn Berry recalls, “The season has been flipped around so that football is in the spring. Also we had to start practices later than expected.”

Even though football was moved to the spring season, cheerleaders were able to perform at boys’ soccer and basketball. Berry says her favorite cheer activity is “cheering at the game because I have a lot of school spirit and it is fun to support the teams.” She adds, “I also love stunting and jumping.”

According to Berry, “I’m very proud of the entire routine. This year has been a bit of a struggle to get started, but we have advanced so much that we all should be very proud.”

Although some sports may still be able to compete despite COVID, Berry says, “Our competition season is completely virtual.”

Stay tuned for updates about competition and the rest of Varsity Cheer’s events on their Instagram account.