Battle of the Binges


image created by Peyton Gregory

With so many streaming options, families have to decide between what streaming services work best for them without breaking the bank.

Peyton Gregory, Staff Writer

Netflix. Hulu. HBO Max. Prime Video. Disney+. Paramount +. Peacock. The streaming services offered seem to be multiplying by the day. For those who started by saving money and cutting the cord, the costs associated with purchasing all of them would be astronomical. So, which ones are worth the price?

With the average service costing between five to eighteen dollars a month for a two to four person plan, prices have been on the rise and households have to make tough choices. Disney+ is one of the newer streaming services, coming onto the streaming scene in 2019. And it is rapidly growing.

According to a CNBC report issued in March 2021, Disney+ reports having 100 million subscribers. Similarly, in an article published by The Verge, Netflix has surpassed more than 200 million subscribers in 2021. And others are on the rise, as well.

For sophomore Allie Basta, the choice is clear. “Netflix and Disney plus are definitely my favorites, I use either of them at least once a day,” said Basta.

Her favorite services are offered in a bundle with Charter including Netflix, Hulu, Disney +, and ESPN +; it made all the services combined cheaper. Basta loves the variety each of them have and all the options to choose from on each service.

Even with all the options, there are complications. “I don’t like that some of them buffer so often,” said Basta.

Parents have other considerations when choosing their subscription services. Teacher Mrs. Foust explained her choices based upon her family’s interests.

“My son likes HBO Max the best because lately, they have had brand new movies to watch that normally you’d have to go to the theater to see. We all like Disney Plus: Mandalorian, Baby Yoda…we’re all a bunch of Star Wars nerds at my house. I think my daughter watches Netflix the most. It has the most options as far as movies and series to watch,” said Foust.

Although all of the services have a wide variety of options to watch, not all of them work the best for each family. “We tried Hulu and didn’t like it at all. It was way different than regular tv and the fam was struggling to find their normal tv shows and sports,” said Foust.

The competition between the streaming services continues to rise each day including their prices and options to choose from. At what point will it be too much?
Cost: $8/month or $80/year
Major Offerings: brand new d|Disney, Marvel, Pixar movies and shows including Raya (2021) and Wandavision (2021)
Cost: basic- $8.99 premium – $17.99
Major Offerings: brand new documentaries, movies, and tv shows including Who Killed Sara? (2021)
–HBO max
Cost: $14.99/month
Major Offerings: exclusive tv shows and movies including Euphoria (2019) and Friends (1994)