Spreading Plastic Pollution Awareness With Spanish 4

Ian Bailey, Staff Writer

In Mexico, over 13 million tons of garbage are produced daily. The way plastic negatively effects the environment has been a hot political and social issue for the last 20 years. Dr. Hilker and her Spanish 4 class have been working on a project which covers the topic of plastic’s environmental impact in different parts of the world. Junior, Abigail Lewis took the time to give some insight on the project.

Abby explained that the topic of plastic waste was brought up because Dr. Hilker would give the class assignments that covered the topic. Students had to read an article about pollution in Spanish speaking countries and would have to annotate and break it down in their own words. The class also quickly realized how much of an effect plastic really had on the environment,

Lewis said, “Dr. Hilker made us realize how horrible plastic is for the environment so we all decided to do something about it.”

When the idea first came up in class, some thought there wouldn’t be enough time to pursue this goal with the school year coming to a close, but others wanted to try to spread awareness, even if it’s in a little way.

Lewis also explains that “Dr. Hilker primarily came up with the idea to do the project in school, but then gave it to the seven of us in class and we came up with everything that we were going to do with the project.”

Because the students participating were in a Spanish class, they were to focus primarily on Spanish speaking countries such as Mexico or Spain and how plastic waste has affected those countries. Mexico has been trying to reduce plastic pollution as a whole by setting a law that prohibits commercialization in grocery stores or stores. Mexico also plans to ban single use plastics including straws, glasses, balloons, cutlery, etc.

Lewis’ class plans to spread awareness by each student making a different poster which they will then put in different locations of the school.

Lewis uses the example of “one poster will be put in the cafeteria and will explain what the student body can do to recycle in the cafeteria.” Dr. Hilkers class wants to educate others on the world’s waste problems and would love for students to get involved and help make a difference by reducing plastic use around the school and locally as much as possible.