Staying in Swing


Anne Boyd

Bryan Burns (12) tees off toward the end of his match. Bryan earned 3rd team all-conference honors this season.

Kaite Ridings , Contributing Writer

Imagine you’re on the golf course about to put the ball into the hole. The adrenaline that begins to build up and then feeling of achievement after you’ve made it.
This is a feeling that the players on the Pattonville Golf team feel during every match. The team had several matches throughout the season. During a match, players have to master the driver, the irons, and the putter to be successful. Each player has a different score and a personal best. These scores determines how far the players advance in the season.
The golf season consists of a conference season and a State tournament. The conference season happens first and this is when most of the matches are played. The Pattonville golf team placed third in the conference tournament this season. Some players on the team have also placed in all-conference honors. Patrick Clifford (9) placed first in all-conference honors. Aidan Stowers (11) and Bryan Burns (12) have both placed second in all-conference honors.