Haunted Houses Take Over Halloween


Alaina Sharp

With so many haunted houses popping up in the St. Louis area, students have choices about which are the best. For others, staying away is the only option.

Alaina Sharp, Staff Writer

Haunted houses are a very popular Halloween favorite. Monsters jump around from every corner, making people scream and sending them into shock, pumping them full of adrenaline.

While some people love being scared this time of year, others absolutely despise it.

Michael McComb, a sophomore, described his favorite haunted house. “Creepy World is my favorite because it’s the only haunted house that is worth the money and it actually lasts awhile.”

Freshman Mark Kendrick, however, is not a fan. “The reason I don’t like them is because they aren’t really fun to me and I am very paranoid and if I get scared it will stick with me forever.”

In addition to the fear factor, the prices for the haunted houses can scare people off. Social studies teacher Mr. Fink complains, “They cost almost as much as a round of golf at a nice course, and I’d rather golf.”

According to a CNN article, haunted houses are also popular places for teens to work, “What we look for are responsible, intelligent people who are able to manifest what we are looking for instead of the more traditional haunted houses with chainsaws, screaming and zombies eating your brains.”

Of all the students surveyed, the most popular haunted house mentioned was Creepy World. It is a two to three hour lasting haunted house and starts at $30.

Whatever your take on haunted houses, this weekend will probably be the last to decide. Happy Halloween, Pattonville!