Students Discuss a Key to Success: Confidence


Talisa Prabhu

Confidence is hindered by things ranging from doubt, to fear and perceived weakness. If anyone is struggling with this they should seek sensible advice.

Talisa Prabhu, Staff Writer

We all know that developing confidence is essential to success, but how do we develop it? As the recent news about Instagram and teen confidence suggests, self-image and feelings of inferiority can become overwhelming, preventing us from seeing ourselves accurately.

Confidence “is a belief in oneself, the conviction that one has the ability to meet life’s challenges and to success–and the willingness to act accordingly,” according to Psychology Today.

While self-esteem is necessary to achieve confidence, one’s self image is only the first step. The positive thinking about what one can achieve is the next.

Carter Stroud, a freshman, describes confidence as “being comfortable in any situation and not being afraid to back down to any challenge.”

In addition, Denise Gregorio, a junior, says confidence is “ Being yourself. Being open to anyone or everyone.”

To develop this important skill, you have to first acknowledge every emotion you are feeling. Then you have to express yourself using positive language. The third step is to do things that move you toward your goal even if it is hard. Then you have to end negative self-talk. What you say about yourself affects how you feel about yourself. Just joking around and calling yourself stupid can impact you unconsciously. Lastly, you have to accept compliments that you get.

Gregorio simply said that to develop confidence you have to “be you!”

To develop confidence Stroud said to put “yourself in situations that you wouldn’t normally be comfortable with.”

True and real confidence comes from a place of acceptance, not from comparison.

“Don’t be scared to talk to people. Surround yourself with people that don’t bring you down,” Gregorio said.

Additionally Stroud said, “Don’t try to make yourself what the ideal high schooler would be.”

It is crucial to remember that confidence is not a static measure. Some days we feel more confident than others and that’s okay. As we move into finals, take some time to recognize how far you’ve come: give yourself credit so that you can build upon your successes and stay out of negative headspace. You can do this!