Balancing Work and Studies: Jobs Can Help and Hurt


Tatyana Seay

Here are some strategies to use with having a job: Try to take some into consideration.

Tatyana Seay, Staff Writer

Attendance going down. Tired. More Tired. Work. Homework. Exhaustion. Lack of motivation. These are all things some of our students are struggling with having a job. Having a job can be a good experience but also hard when it comes to decision making. It’s difficult having to miss out time with your friends or catch up on work when you work late. It’s necessary as an everyday part of routine. Students have no choice but to work after they get out of school and some have to work several hours. Overall, having a job is just something else that could throw a lot off during school.

“I normally don’t go to sleep till 12pm or 1am after work,” Adriana Jauregui, a senior, said.

Working late or even staying up at night can cause work fatigue. It’s not even just the feeling of being tired. Lack of sleep kills productivity, lowers motivation, and leads to a burnout. Working during high school can also negatively affect students’ social lives. Students who work in high school are less likely to be involved in extracurricular activities. Having a job also reduces the amount of time to study, do homework or school related interests. They basically are losing opportunities due to time limitations.

Having a job could severely change the way people think or act. Adriana Jauregui is a Front Desk Worker at Hilton St. Louis Frontenac. She explains, “Being able to have money for my own personal needs.” Being able to provide for yourself when needed or being able to help yourself when needed is also a good thing. Having your own at times, especially at a certain age could teach you lessons, how to spend money, how money works, etc.

It’s a win or lose situation, but it’s also up to you to figure out how to manage your time.

Abby McCarthy, a senior who is a nanny in her neighborhood, believes that her job has been positive for her. “Honestly it hasn’t caused a big change, I try my best to keep everything in order. Not falling off is the goal. A job has let me learn a lot, but I also have to stay focused on school. It’s a priority.”