Does Christmas Still Feel the Same Now That You Are Older?


Michael Irving

Teens are still celebrating Christmas. It may not be with the same people they grew up with but they still show their holiday spirit.

Michael Irving, Staff Writer

As kids have gotten older, they have grown out of some things because they are not young anymore, but is the hype for Christmas still the same?

According to 12 year old Pattonville Heights Middle School student Donovan Irving, it does not feel the same. “Christmas does not feel the same anymore because I am getting less gifts as I get older,” Irving said.

Pattonville High School studentĀ  Ha’Nyja Cooper feels the same. “Christmas doesn’t feel the same now that I’m older because when I was younger I mainly got toys and all presents because I was a kid and now I don’t get toys and I mainly get personal stuff,” Cooper said.

However, Christmas spirit is still there for everyone like people still do their Christmas traditions and rituals to show their Christmas spirit.

“My favorite Christmas Tradition is putting cookies and milk downstairs for Santa. I still currently do this tradition because we have done it for as long as I can remember,” Cooper said.

Normally, as kids get older, they start doing fewer things with their family and start doing things with their friends.

“I still celebrate Christmas with my family because I am not old enough to do anything with my friends on Christmas yet, but I wouldn’t want to do anything with my friends because I wouldn’t get to open my gifts,” Irving said.

Despite the misconception that kids don’t feel the same for Christmas because they are getting older, there are still teenagers and kids celebrating Christmas because of the traditions, gifts, and the energy that this holiday brings is so strong.