Legacy Project: PHS Renovations Published


Katie Ridings

Pattonville School District votes on Prop S in April. The proposition will provide changes to improve district safety.

Katie Ridings, Layout/Design Editor

The Pattonville School District will open voting for the general public on April 5, 2022, on a zero tax rate increase bond issue.

The bond issue, Prop S, will improve school safety and meet the needs of growing class sizes.

The $111 million zero tax rate bond will provide the money that will be needed to build the new facilities. This means that this money is exempt from value-added taxation.

Changes made to the PHS building will address needs because of growing student enrollment, make safety and maintenance improvements, and update schools to meet the current and future learning needs.

Adjustments will be made district-wide as well as within each school.

Every few years, Pattonville goes through and assesses its buildings and decides what needs to be updated. This process helps protect the community’s involvement and investments in Pattonville schools.

District-wide, there are developments that will be made to help improve the safety of the student body.

One of those changes includes upgrading the wifi and the security cameras of each building.

Another part of the bond is to repair structural columns, repairing lighting, and renovations of the bus ports.

The final difference that will affect the whole district is the maintenance facility being renovated for better efficiency.

The high school will also be undergoing their own individual shifts.

One of the biggest changes being made is the reconstruction of the bridge area. The school plans to enclose the bridge to make space for more multipurpose, performance spaces, music rooms, and an outdoor plaza.

Indoor areas like the main lobby, gym lobby, cafeteria, classrooms, and commons will also undergo renovations.

The athletic fields will also have a few modifications being made.

Aging turf will be replaced in the football stadium. A taller fence will be installed around the athletic fields to provide the area with more safety.

Pattonville will also be updating systems like the HVAC, plumbing, mechanical, and electrical. They will also be updating some of the interior decor.

Remodeling will also be made to the FACS and Science departments.

In the FACS rooms, the food lab areas will all be replaced and updated. This update will allow future students to enjoy FACs classes.

Science classrooms will also be updated. The district also plans to renovate the science labs for students, improving both safety and accessibility.

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Voting for Prop S can be done at any polling place in the county on election day, April 5. The polling areas will be open from 6 a.m to 7 p.m. The deadline to register to vote is March 9 and absentee voting begins March 22.

Pattonville continues to keep its promise to voters and continues to maintain its debt service levy which has remained unchanged at 49 cents. The debt service levy is in place to help relieve stress from homeowners within Pattonville.