We’ll Never Be Royals? Not So for Thames and Whittinghill…


Photo courtesy of Wagner

Kellen Thames and Natalie Whittinghill named Prom King and Queen at the Westport Sheraton-Chalet on Friday, May 6, 2022.

Ava Bearskin and Matthew Jacobi

Fire and Ice collided at the Westport Sheraton-Chalet on Friday, May 6, 2022, for Pattonville’s Junior and Senior Prom. Kellen Thames and Natalie Whittinghill were crowned Prom King and Queen.

Thames is the captain of the Varsity Basketball team and a member of African American Achievers. He was surprised he had won and thought that either Matthew Reese or Malik Taylor would win.

“I was a last minute pick and I didn’t know how to make an effort to win, and I really thought Malik and Matthew were going to win because I was rooting for them,” Thames said.

Whittinghill was also surprised that she had been crowned queen.

“I honestly was not expecting to win, so the moment I realized I won, my jaw dropped,” she said.

The other senior prom court nominees included Olivia Bulger, Connor Lorino, Kameron McCain, Katie Ridings, Matthew Reese, Alliah Allen, Caleb Simpkins, Haley Edmonds, Malik Taylor, and Charlie Heiligenstein.

The junior court consisted of Allison Basta, Tyler Floyd, Rebecca Simpkins, and Joseph Mackenberg.

Doors opened at 6:00 pm at the Sheraton-Chalet, and the dance started at 6:30. The lobby was decorated with clouds, an ice sculpture, icy terrain, and flame decorations, providing multiple photoshoot areas for students.

Dinner started with a salad, and included chicken, cheesy potatoes, green beans, and chocolate cake for dessert.

Prom King and Queen were announced at 9:00 p.m., and the announcement was followed with the DJ playing “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran, allowing couples to slow dance before the end of the night.

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The DJ played diverse music that kept people on the dance floor, from pop choices to rhythm and blues.  As soon as staff cleared the dinner tables the dance floor, students packed together to perform every step they could.

The dance concluded at 10, with students gathering after prom to continue to celebrate throughout the night.

Senior Mackenzie Rosenthal said her favorite memory from prom was “dancing with all of my friends for the last time.”