Boys Track: Behind the Dust


Elise Banks

Senior Kameron McCain and Junior Alfred Jenkins demonstrating a new drill for the team.

Elise Banks, Writing Editor

For the Boys’ Track and Field team, practices are a place for humbling mistakes and hard work.

With the team coming in second place for their conference, winning the 4 x 1 and 4 x 2, they are setting high expectations for themselves.

Most of the varsity boys have also successfully made it to districts.

This achievement for the boys has been a major encouragement because “seeing our hard work pay off means a lot,” sophomore Mehki Brown said.

Though practice may be tiring, “it’s a place to grow stronger and get better,” Coach Tate said. By utilizing their time at practice, the boys have been growing their confidence and skills.

Junior Alfred Jenkins and Mekhi Brown both participate in the 4-4 event. Both athletes strive for greatness while at practices, and while competing in their events.

Jenkins tends to set goals for himself during practices so that he has something to work towards during drills. “I want to improve my speed for my shorter distance and strength in my legs,” he said.

Brown also takes initiative to have mental notes on what to improve on before a meet. “While I’m on that starting line, I briefly go through everything I worked on at practice and try to apply that to that certain event.”

Although the boys’ willingness and hard work plays a huge role in their successes, Coach Tate wants to remind the boys that their hard work does not go unnoticed.

“I want my players to know that they are a part of a successful program and they are a major part of that success,” he said.

Coach Tate explains that during the season, he wants to develop relationships and encourage the team while at practices so that he can build trust with the team. “I want to remind them to believe in themselves and have confidence in the work they have put in,” he said.

Coach Tate encourages the players to “grow stronger mentally and physically in and out of practices.”

With each meet, the boys have been improving, “Whether that is with form, strength, or coming in first in their event, I’ve really seen a lot of determination with these guys,” Coach Tate said.

Although their achievements are worth celebrating, the boys do not allow that to distract them from future goals.

Before a meet, there is still a lot of preparation that needs to be done, not just at practice.

“Eating a lot of carbs and drinking a lot of water the day before a meet prepares my body to perform well the next day,” Brown said.

Having the right nutrients before a meet can determine the boys’ performance in a more positive light. Fueling your body and taking care of your body before the meet, all helps with the boys’ performance.

“During practice, I am learning new ways to grow stronger and take care of my body,” Brown added.

The skills that the boys are learning at practices are also skills that they can apply to their everyday lives. This season has brought the boys closer together and has provided new growth for the team.

“I’m excited to finish off this season strong and to see what’s in store for next season,” Jenkins said.